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Antimicrobial Touch Glass

KPEX is excited to announce sales of the world's first fully-antimicrobial medical computer. Cybernet's medical grade computers have always featured a plastic housing with antimicrobial properties baked directly into the resin, but now they offer a fully-antimicrobial touch glass screen. The entire device is 100% protected against the formation of bacteria.

The antimicrobial touch glass will be available on 20", 22", and 24" models. Tested and approved by the FDA, the glass will be available immediately on Cybernet S-series and NB-series medical computers. This technology is similar to the antimicrobial touch glass used on the CyberMed Rx medical tablet, also a world-first in it's 2017 release. Realizing the severity of bacterial spread in hospitals, Cybernet has now taken their life-saving efforts to the big screen.

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